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Strength Training

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Strength Training at Schenectady Gym

Did you know that strength training is essential for both sculpting your body and dropping those extra pounds? Yes, cardio has its place, but strength training is the key to toning muscles, burning calories, and attaining a strong, lean body. It’s an excellent addition to virtually every workout routine.

At our gym in Schenectady, we’re stocked with classic strength training equipment like free weights, dumbbells, leg and bench presses, squat racks, cable machines, and much more.

You can also experience strength training in our BFITT:60 small group sessions.

If starting with strength training seems daunting, our trainers are ready to assist. They’ll ensure you’re practicing safely and efficiently, tailoring intensity and duration to your individual fitness level and objectives. We’re dedicated to guiding you throughout your fitness journey!

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Strong Points

Feel the Power of Strength Training

If strength training hasn’t yet found its way into your fitness routine, consider this your sign to start! Vital for enhancing strength and overall fitness, strength training is not to be overlooked. It plays a key role in weight loss efforts by replenishing muscle mass lost during cardio activities and calorie burning processes.

Besides bolstering muscle, it safeguards bone health and contributes to the development of superior body mechanics.

Sculpts muscles
Aids in Weight Loss
strengthens bones
Improves Range of Motion
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why exercise?

Boost Mind/Body Health & Fitness

Exercise not only helps you look good and feel confident, but consistent exercise also benefits both your mind and body. For starters, regular physical activity can significantly improve your quality of life. It not only boosts your physical health, but it also improves mood, promotes better sleep, and reduces stress.

With all of these great benefits, why not exercise? Best Fitness gyms offer the services and amenities to help you achieve fitness, your way and on your schedule. So lace up your sneakers and get moving!

Is Exercise For Me?

Yes! Here's Why.

Exercise is not only about enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence; it’s a also great boon for both your mental and physical health! By dedicating yourself to consistent exercise, you’re setting the stage for a significant lifestyle improvement. It boosts your health, elevates your mood, promotes restful sleep, and helps manage stress. What’s not to like?

Improve Health
Feel the rush of endorphins as they flood your system with feelings of positivity and accomplishment. Be proud of your hard work and feel energized for the day ahead!
Restore Confidence
Regular exercise gives your a sense of accomplishment that helps strengthen your self image. Feel good about yourself and all that you're doing in the name of self care. You're worth it!
Improve Sleep
Longing for a good night's sleep? Regular exercise helps improve sleep quality as your mind relaxes and your muscles recover. Fall asleep faster and enjoy more restful slumber.
Relieve Stress
Focusing on your workout or sweating through a group class is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. As you exercise, your body releases hormones called endorphins to boost your mood and help you relax naturally.
Feel Better
Boost Confidence
Sleep Better
Release Stress