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BFITT:60 is our signature program at Best Fitness, a program that’s been put together after feedback from our members. It’s a program that targets your body’s trouble areas, challenges your body by offering new and exciting exercises, and helps you get through those workout plateaus you may experience due to muscle memory. The music is fun and our instructors are awesome. Try BFITT:60 today!
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Personal Training

At Best Fitness on Fuller Rd in Albany, we offer personal training to our members. Personal training is the perfect solution if you have fitness goals that may appear too big for you or if you don’t know how to best approach a plan. Our personal trainers are educated, certified, and knowledgeable about your options and can guide you through a program where you see results much faster than if you were to do it yourself.
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Functional Training

Functional training is an effective way of working out if you seek to strengthen your muscles and body parts that you use on a daily basis. You use your body strength when you carry groceries and bags, when you squat down to clean up the floor, or when you chase your kids around. Functional training is a way for you to strengthen your body and feel better every day.