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What We Offer

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a group of people in a spacious and modern group spin studio exercising with a trainer in the best gym danvers

BEST Spin Lyfe Cycle Studio

Spin your way to a healthier you! We’re thrilled to invite you inside our Best Fitness location in Danvers. There’s a reason why our members love us so much and we’re excited to show you everything we have to offer. At this location, you’ll find many of the same services you’ll find at our other locations, including our Spin Lyfe Cycle Studio.
a group of people doing stretches in a spacious and modern hot yoga studio with ambient lighting in the best gym in danvers


Relax and restore your mind and body health with yoga studio classes at our Danvers gym. Our instructors will lead you through poses and stretches to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga also helps reduce stress and relieve anxiety as you focus on breathing and body awareness. You’ll find all of this and more in our Pure Yoga Studio. We'll take the journey with you!
A group of women in a spacious fitness studio exercising in the best gym in danvers


At Best Fitness, we understand that everyone is different, and we provide solutions that will suit anyone. That’s why we are working with Les Mills to provide the best group exercise programs, so you always have something new and exciting to try. We’d love to show you around and get you excited about a healthier, stronger, and better you!
woman working out in spacious bfitt60 training room


BFITT:60 is small group training that will leave you feeling empowered and fit! Each 60-minute training session at our Danvers gym packs in plenty of strength, cardio, and flexibility tasks that vary every day. You'll keep your muscles guessing to avoid plateaus and continue burning calories long after the workout is over. Launch your fitness to the next level with BFITT:60 training!