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BEST Spin Lyfe Cycle Studio

Spinning is an effective way to get in shape, whether you’re a seasoned spinner or a beginner. At Best Fitness in Schenectady, we offer spin classes and the great thing about our classes is that you can adjust the challenge to suit your needs. You can go easy and work your way up, as you gain more strength over time. The most important part is that you burn calories and gain muscle with every class.
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Yoga group classes at our Schenectady gym are pure mind and body balance. Workout your muscles while you relax your mind in these instructor-led classes that help you strengthen and stretch your body as you relax and refresh your mind.
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If you thrive in a social environment with a group of people, you’ll be inspired and motivated by our group fitness classes. At Best Fitness in Schenectady, we offer a large selection of classes where you can get social, get moving, and see progress. Ask us today about getting started with our group classes.
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At Best Fitness in Schenectady, we offer our BFITT:60 class, our signature class. This class is designed to keep you on your toes, as each class is different and fun. You’ll experience new challenges, new moves, new exercises, and even new music to keep your body guessing. This class is designed to boost you through those plateaus that stalls your progress.