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Find the Best Amenities at Our Rotterdam and Schenectady Gym


It’s time to get excited about cardio! Cardio is an important part of weight loss and staying healthy, including working towards a healthier heart and a healthier future. At Best Fitness in Schenectady, we provide you with the best cardio equipment, so you’ll never get bored. Run on the treadmills, cruise on our bikes, and walk the steps on our steppers. Whatever you choose to do, entertain yourself with music to keep the motivation up!

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Strength Training

At Best Fitness in Schenectady, we understand the power and the importance of strength training. That’s why we have many options available for our members, so they can build strength no matter what they are in the mood for. We have free weights, machines, classes, and even personal trainers who are waiting and willing to help you out with your training.

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Pro Shop

One of our amazing treats is our pro shop. Our pro shop offers refreshments, snacks, and apparel for our members at Best Fitness in Schenectady. This feature is perfect if you’ve forgotten a shirt, a water bottle, or just want to spoil yourself with a delicious and healthy treat after a workout. Our knowledgable staff can answer any question you may have about our selection, allergies, and more.

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