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We Offer The Best Amenities To Our Danvers Members


At Best Fitness, we know that you give it everything you have all in the gym. You sweat, burn calories, and build strength to improve your health. That’s why we do everything to motivate you, including offering up some amazing amenities. At our Danvers location, you’ll find services that will make your life easier.A big part of staying healthy is cardio training. Within our Danvers gym, you’ll find group fitness classes, friendly personal trainers, and our BFITT60 program that can all help you on your cardio journey. Get that heart rate up to burn calories and improve circulation.

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Strength Training

Strength training is an important element in weight loss and toning. At Best Fitness, you’ll find the best strength training equipment so you can focus on every area of your body. You’ll see fantastic results and you’ll feel great!

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Pro Shop

At our Danvers location, you’ll find a pro shop. Whatever you need to make your workout experience better, Best Fitness has you covered.

In addition, you can spoil yourself with a smoothie or a coffee after your workout at our juice bar. We provide healthy treats that won’t ruin all of the work you’ve just put in.

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