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BFITT:60 Small Group Training

A Different Kind of Workout


Maximize Your Results

Tired of plateaus? The BFITT:60 program at Best Fitness gyms is a small group training program that you don’t want to miss!

What sets BFITT:60 apart from others is its daily schedule and frequent updates, ensuring you’re constantly engaged and always challenged.

Sessions are structured around specific exercises that target various muscle groups, including those often neglected during a typical workday. This approach provides your body with a diverse workout experience, ensuring you won’t hit a plateau.

Daily Sessions

The frequency of these sessions is designed to keep you energized and constantly on the move, leading to the results you want — and fast!

Our goal is your success, and we provide BFITT:60 everyday of the week, and with different workouts in the program.

For All Ages and Stages

Starting any new program can be overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you!

BFITT:60 is designed with everyone in mind,  and it’s an ideal fit for anyone who wants to advance to next level fitness. Whether beginner or athlete, BFITT:60 will help you get fit and healthy!

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