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Come Explore Our Signature Bfitt:60 Program

See Results Fast

From beginners to athletes, our team training program is designed to deliver results at any fitness level. With a constantly changing program, you will enjoy a new workout each session and leave feeling energized, strong and accomplished. Get pumped and and ready reach your goals!

Never Get Bored

One of the reasons why members love our Bfitt:60 class is because of the variety. Each class is different than the next, keeping both you and your body guessing as to what comes next. This means your body won’t deal with muscle memory or slow down when it comes to calorie burn because you’ve been doing the same moves every week. Keep it fun and exciting – and never get bored!

Track Your Progress

Bfitt:60 is our signature program and we provide you with the best tools and resources to tell you where your health is at. Our top-of-the-line heart rate monitoring system lets you track each and every workout so that you can stay focused on your workout and see your results.