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Studio Fitness
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Feel Comfortable And Motivated In Our Studio Fitness Area

Something For Everyone

Our group fitness classes are amazing and pack quite the punch in the calorie-burning department. At Best Fitness in Springfield, we have a large selection of classes where you’ll never get bored. You can do everything from cardio to strength training in our classes, or do a relaxing yoga class where you work on your flexibility and core. Whatever your desires, we can help! Simply inquire at the front desk about our classes.

Fun Motivation

Our group classes are fun and motivating because you are working out with other members of the Best Fitness community. You’ll find everything from passionate instructors to a music selection that will get you moving. With smiling faces, lots of determination, and happy members, you’ll love coming to our workout classes.

Passionate Instructors

We only use the best instructors at Best Fitness in Springfield. They understand the content they teach you in the classes and they are available if you have any questions about the exercises or what each exercise does to your body. We have the best and most knowledgable instructors, so you are in great hands!