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Best Fitness Offers The Best Training Options

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are dedicated to reaching your fitness goals with you. Our personal trainers at Drum Hill will listen to your desires and your goals and create a plan for you that you can achieve. They are your biggest motivators and your emotional support, as you go through this journey at Best Fitness.

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Group Fitness

At Best Fitness in Drum Hill, we have our BFITT:60 class as our group fitness class. This unique fitness class will challenge you in new ways and you’ll learn new ways to use your body. The great thing about BFITT:60 is that you get new exercises and new challenges every time, meaning your body won’t get used to the moves.

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Circuit Training

Circuit training is a specific kind of training, where you perform exercises in a consecutive manner. At Best Fitness in Drum Hill, we have created an outstanding setup, where you can work through a large selection of equipment at your own pace. You’ll be able to work on your goals and train different parts of your body, including using cardio and strength training machines.

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