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Feel Comfortable And Motivated In Our Studio Fitness Area

Challenging Yourself

It’s time to challenge yourself. At Best Fitness in Drum Hill, we offer our BFITT:60 group exercise class, where you can test your limits and increasingly become stronger. This class is perfect if you are tired of working out and hitting those plateaus that completely ruin your motivation. BFITT:60 is designed to keep your body active in different ways, which causes you to avoid those plateaus.

Motivating Environment

Our studio fitness area is a motivating environment. If you enjoy working out in group classes, you’ll find our space exciting and fun. Our members who enjoy these group classes can provide you with motivation and inspiration to keep going on those days where you may not feel like completing a class.

Dedicated Instructors

At Best Fitness in Drum Hill, we have passionate instructors who love what they do. They are always ready to go, no matter what time the class is at. They love helping our members achieve results and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. When you have such dedicated instructors, you can’t help but be excited about working out.