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It's in our name! As part of the Chelmsford community for over 20 years, our gym is dedicated to helping every member achieve the best health and fitness possible.

What is personal training?

Consider it customized fitness. Personal training provides one-on-one coaching that's built around your specific skill level and focus.

A personal trainer at our Chelmsford gym dedicates time and attention to you and your goals, ensuring the best use of your gym time. Whether your goal is to improve cardio fitness, lose weight, tone and define muscles, or recover from an injury, personal training is the answer.

Need to break through a stubborn plateau? Personal training offers new ideas for a fresh routine that keeps you moving forward.

Personal Training Options:
  • 30- or 60- minute sessions
  • Weight loss solutions and more
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Digital Coach mobile app

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What we Do

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Reach Your Fitness goals!

Starting with an assessment of your current fitness level, your personal trainer will discuss your goals and any lifestyle changes to consider (such as better choices in food and snacks). From there, you'll work together to create a program that 's effective and rewarding.

Best Fitness Chelmsford offers the most options to customize your personal training to your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. Scheduling is convenient, with personal training sessions available daily from early morning to late night.

We'll stick to your budget too! You can select either 30- or 60-minute sessions, between 1-5 days each week.

Your personal trainer will provide support and encourage throughout your journey. Trust us to find the plan that works best for you!

How We Do It


The best gym in Chelmsford uses advanced technology to give us an accurate picture of your current fitness level -- and then tells us the best way to help you achieve results.

When you begin personal training with us, you can expect:

  • A 1-hour consult with a personal trainer, including a fitness analysis.
  • A floor assessment to help us determine your functional fitness.

With all of that information, you and your personal trainer will create a plan that spells fitness success!

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