yoga class in spacious studio
Studio Fitness
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Feel Comfortable And Motivated In Our Studio Fitness Area

Big Selection

Best Fitness in Chelmsford offers a large selection of studio fitness classes, so there is something for everyone. We have cardio classes perfect for those looking to break a sweat, and weight lifting classes for those seeking to gain more muscle mass. In addition, you can get your zen on in our yoga studio, and test your flexibility with our amazing instructors. Our selection ensures you never get bored.

Professional Environment

Our studio fitness classes are not only motivating for our members who enjoy working out alongside other people, but they are also professional as well. Our instructors are trained in their specific class, meaning they can assist you along the way and answer any question you may have. In addition, they can offer up advice on how you complete each pose or move to avoid injury or damage to your knees, legs, and back.

Passionate Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about what they do and they understand that you are in the class for a reason. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or if you are just starting out and feel a bit out of place, our instructors will take great care of you. They understand that not everyone is on the same page but they still make it fun for everyone, which is why so many members return every week for more.