Patrick C.

Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been

Ryan Taylor is the the epitome of best fitness, or the best physical shape one can be, but it goes further then the physical when you are a trainer you have to tap into the mental as well the emotional fibers that lay beneath the physique.

This past year I have been through a major surgery, I tore my ACL and I had my ACL reconstructed, that in itself would cripple anyone, myself included, one of the several ways to Reconstruction is by taking the hamstring as a graft for the reconstruction. At that point I knew my road to recovery was going to be a long winded never ending struggle of pain and weakness, boy was I wrong.

Prior to tearing my ACL, Ryan and I began training, 30 minute sessions 3 times a week, and in those 5 weeks prior to my accident I was beginning to really excel in the gym, Ryan started me as if I never lifted before working on my foundational muscle structure, perfecting form with light manageable weight and really an unparalleled attention to detail. Then I tore my ACL.

Fast forward 2 months to post surgery. – After surgery my leg was extremely weak, and essentially useless, there were days I didn’t want to leave the house days I couldn’t even handle the pain but in the midst of all Ryan’s clients, his daily routines, and personal life he never one failed to keep me motivated, focused, and hopeful that I would bounce back and once again be back in he gym, with confidence that my leg would not give out and that I should not give up.

Fast forward to present day, I am now stronger then I have ever been, more focused in the gym and more conscious of how I lift and what I lift. Ryan has taught me it’s not about how much weight you move, but yet how welll you move it. Since I’ve been back in the gym post surgery I’ve benched, dead lifted more then I ever have, my mind muscle connection is on another level and flat out I feel like I different person.

In life you meet people who change your outlook on life, make you become a better version of yourself, and push you to the limits you’re capable Of, that person to me is Ryan, he is my trainer, my coach and most importantly a role model.

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