Amman K.

A Profound Impact on My Fitness

Brendan is an exceptional personal trainer. After the first training session I had with Brendan, he asked me to go home and contemplate the following: A short term goal, which I could reach in six weeks; a long-term goal, which I could accomplish in twelve weeks or more; and lastly, one thing I could do in differently in 2017 compared to the previous year to ensure success. In our subsequent session, he helped me determine a path in order to reach those goals. His request demonstrates his commitment from day one. I’ve been weight-lifting for roughly three years and though Brendan has only been my trainer for about nine months; I feel stronger and better than ever. Brendan ensures that every workout is different and not once has he failed to challenge me physically or mentally. He takes the time to educate himself on new innovative exercises, tries them himself, and then incorporates them into the workouts that he creates for me.

Personally, he has a profound impact on my fitness journey. My favorite thing about training with Brendan is that he believes in me even when I lack confidence in my own abilities. Brendan has a special interest vested in helping his clients reach their full potential. Brendan puts in a 110% in with his clients, whether that be with helping them get more reps, hitting a new PR, helping to understand how different muscles work together, or building self-confidence. Brendan’s breadth of knowledge, motivation, commitment to his clients, and passion for his line of work – is truly inspiring and does not go unnoticed.

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