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Bestimonial: Dave R.

Great Health and Positive Energy

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize My trainer Ryan Taylor. For the last 3 years he has worked with me to create a version of me that I’m proud of.

When I first joined, my goal was to become physically able to enjoy doing anything with my friends, most of who are younger than me. All of my life I’ve been an active person but over the last 10 years, with career and family, I let my conditioning go. But over the last three years Ryan has worked with me, encouraged me and pushed me. I’ve participated in various forms of training for over 40 years. Training with Ryan has far exceeded any that I have previously done.

Personal training time with Ryan is a highlight of any of my days. It’s more like working out with a friend. With my training, he introduced me to Bfitt60. Bfitt60 group training with Ryan specifically, has furthered my physical fitness to a level rivaling my military days. Under his training, I have now completed 2 Spartan Sprints finishing in the top 30% for my age group. I regularly run local 5k’s at a sub 30 minute pace and recently completed a Goruck Tough event which consists of “hiking” for 12 hours over 15 miles doing cycles of strength training and exercise all while carrying a 40lb rucksack.

The most important part about all this is that I’m coming up on my 53rd birthday! None of this could have been accomplished without Ryan. I credit him with my great health and the positive energy that this health has given me!

Thanks Ryan!

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