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Bestimonial: Jennifer F.

Challenging Me to Be My BEST

I started with Best Fitness about a year ago in hopes that I could finally get myself into both a routine and healthier lifestyle. I had come to a point in my life where I needed a change and the typically classes and machines weren’t cutting it for me. I needed to be guided, motivated, and held accountable and that is exactly what I got.

My first few BFITT classes were a shock to my system. I had never worked that hard and didn’t realize I was capable of completing such a challenging workout. I wish I could say that things got easier, but I can’t (that’s actually a good thing).

My BFITT classes are still challenging and leave me exhausted and sweaty but I have learned to LOVE this feeling. Burning 500-600 calories per session coupled with awesome support from my BFITT-ers and trainer Ryan, had kept me motivated. I actually look forward to these classes each Mon, Tues, and Thursday and I honestly never thought I would be able to say that. Thank you to Best Fitness, my fellow BFITT-ers (esp Mary Rose 🙂 ), and my trainer, Ryan, for holding me accountable, keeping me motivated, and challenging me to be my BEST self.

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