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Bestimonial: William M. – Duplicate – [#38561]

Way to Go, William!

I’ve been paraplegic since birth but have always been an athletic guy; competing in wheelchair track and field and wheelchair basketball as a kid and teenager. At the age of 26 I moved into a wheelchair accessible apartment and gave up using my crutches and used my wheelchair full time. When the time came for my sister’s wedding, I assumed I could still stand on my crutches. When I tried I would fall because my blood pressure would drop and I said to myself, “I guess I’ll never walk again” and gained 40lbs.

I started working with my personal trainer Karen a year ago and have lost 15lbs. Some would think, “well Bill, that’s not a lot of weight for a year”, but in that year of training I had to have two surgeries on my head once when I first started training and then again less then 5 months later.

Its enough because Karen boosted my confidence so much that my last whole month of training with Karen has been focused on getting me on my feet with my crutches and as of 4/18/2017 I walked 50 steps I highly recommend Karen if your looking for a personal trainer!

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