Eat Healthy on Vacation? Yes!

person eating healthy foods while on vacation

Travel Tips from The Best Gym in Springfield

As soon as you get your nutrition on track it is usually when some kind of catastrophe happens and something puts a wrench in all of your hard work! Vacations, flying, or traveling in general can cause a huge problem from keeping your nutrition on track.

On long car rides you can’t reheat the food you had meal prepped earlier in the week and on plane rides all that you have is airport food or maybe a nice half empty bag of chips. Once you’ve finally reached your destination of a beautiful beach front resort or your business trip hotel, all you have access to is restaurants (if you’re lucky) and hotel food.

Our Springfield gym has a few ideas to help keep your nutrition on track. Even on vacation you want to enjoy yourself but also keep yourself accountable and continue with your nutrition. You can do that by following the 80/20 rule, try eating 80% of calorie dense healthy (and yummy) food and 20% of food that you enjoy! Like that delicious chocolate cake that’s calling your name.

Any hotel that offers a buffet style breakfast can be great, you can look through your options and choose what foods will be the best to set yourself up for success throughout the day! It’ll be really difficult to keep up with your good nutrition if you aren’t planning it out and thinking ahead. After you’ve scouted out the breakfast buffet, take a look at your other lunch and dinner options, there might be a nice restaurant near you that has a healthy but delicious menu.

Another great option while on vacation is running to your nearest grocery store and grabbing some quick easy meals! You could even just grab some snacks to keep on you while you’re on the go or maybe at the beach. Fruit or granola bars are a great option for snacks throughout the day. Protein shakes, fruit smoothies and salads are also some great quick options that can be super delicious.

Sometimes while traveling you can feel drained very easily but making sure you’re eating well and eating enough plays a huge role in feeling less drained and having more energy. You should be able to enjoy your vacation or business trip while still fulfilling all of your nutritional goals!


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