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Staff Spotlight: Lisa

Lisa is our lead nutritionist at Best Fitness! She has had over 8 years of experience in the field and received her Bachelors of Health Science specializing in Dietetics. She’s also a certified trainer and worked a lot in lifestyle coaching, weight loss coaching, and competition prep coaching.

Before Best Fitness, Lisa worked at an Orthopedic Surgical Associates for over four years as the DME Coordinator! In other words she would cast and brace patients for their ailments or injuries for thirteen surgeons patients!

Her passion for nutrition sparked in high school, she struggled with her relationship with food and knew she needed to change her mind set. Going into college she decided that she wanted to improve her relationship with food and become a nutritionist so she could positively impact other people’s lives in the future who might have struggled the same way she did.

Seeing everything come full circle is what continues to drive her passion and love for nutrition. It brings her so much joy to be able to help people who need and want to improve their lifestyle.

Nutrition has always played a huge role in her life, and the same with exercise. Being able to work within Best Fitness clubs while helping people learn, implement and maintain healthier lifestyles is an absolute dream of hers. She wakes up everyday so happy that she gets to do what she loves to do.

The first B L.E.A.N. challenge was extremely successful, and seeing people make huge changes not only with weight loss, but just their lives in general is the most rewarding feeling for Lisa.

This is what Lisa was meant to do!




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