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Bestimonial: Christine C.

Personal Training Made the Difference

I want to tell you about how much this past year of working out with my trainer Ben Glassman in addition to Easton and Logan in the BFITT program has done for me.

I have been overweight all of my adult life and had done just about every diet/meal/eating program out there… I would drop some weight only to gain it back again plus about 20 more pounds. I decided in May 2015 to try going to the gym but I needed a friend to keep me motivated. So I got a good friend to commit to go together at least three days a week.

I started personal training and it made the difference nothing ever did before. I was always missing the work out portion of the formula. I have lost 70 lbs. but if you count the amount I’ve gained and lost due to vacation splurges and backslides the number would be closer to 100 lbs… The trainers have all been so encouraging and supportive of me even when I felt like the biggest one in the room or. When I looked around the gym and said that “I will never be able to do that because I have a bad back and bad knees” . Ben always worked around my little issues and made sure I was working out while still being safe. The BFITT program is something I never thought I could do but I’ve been doing it from day one in Nashua and love it! I have increased to 4-5 days a week and miss going when my schedule gets crazy.

Thanks to Ben, Easton and Logan for helping me to be stronger than I thought I could both in the gym and personally. It has been a great year. Keep up the good work and the great program. Peace, CC

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