Radila M.

Radmila Miletich before and after

It Feels So Great to Be Strong!

I participated in personal strength training with Dillon Hassett at the Best Fitness facility on Central Avenue in Albany for almost a year (from October 11, 2017 through September 5, 2018), and I very much appreciate all that I learned from him! Dillon is an expert at the details of proper form, and I always felt so safe training with him, as he cares enough to stop and correct my movements. Also, during my training with Dillon, I was able to achieve my health goals of a great blood test outcome and getting off of the last of my medications. Dillon proved to me many times that he is a dedicated and caring personal trainer.

I recall the day that he taught me how to foam roll early in our knowing each other, after I experienced a wincing pain in my left thigh. He immediately stopped our lunges and took me to the mats, so that we could address the situation. He could have said that I should buck up and keep going, but he is much better than that! I am very grateful for the confidence that he gave me, in terms of being able to successfully perform the clean and the snatch. It was great how he designed the supporting training moves, both together and on my own, to strengthen each component of the moves. I admire how he searched within my ability for the fine tuning needed for further refinement and increased success. I fondly recall the other great new moves I learned from him, which now are among my favorites – the pike v-up, the chin-ups, and especially the dragon fly holds that have made my core stronger! My success with Dillon comes from our commitment to communicating and willingness to refine and do better together. I also appreciate his proving to me that I can do box jumps and his showing me the proper running form. I had been actively avoiding these moves, due to concerns about arthritis of the knee cap. Dillon showed me that I now am strong enough that I do not need to avoid any moves.

I now know that I can do anything, as a result of his guidance! It feels so great to be strong, and with his support, to do moves that I thought I would not be able to do! In addition, I value the accountability between us. He explained that motivation comes from trust and accountability – trusting that the process we are undergoing will work and accountability in doing what I have promised myself and him that I will do. I appreciate the supportive expectation that he provided to help me get into the Bfitt groove again and for encouraging me to stop drinking during the week, in order to help control my waist size. I always could count on him to help me identify and do what is right for me!

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