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Bestimonial: Meg D.

I’ve Had Amazing Support

My friend and I decided to join Best Fitness on Fuller Road at the end of Feb 2017. We have had many discussions about the struggles she and I both have had with making specific changes for ourselves to become healthier. I knew when I went for a physical in the beginning of Feb. 2017 that if I did not make this decision I was going to die at an early age as well as serious medical complications. This decision was one of the best ones I have made in years. I wanted to know what it was like to live again and feel good inside and out. I have had amazing support throughout this journey: Best Fitness and my Personal Trainer Demetrius Kramarchyk truly care about you as a person. I can honestly say that Demetrius has made a tremendous impact on me. He cares about me, he is respectful and holds me accountable. My friend with whom I joined with as well as my family and close friends are supportive every day. I can say that this journey has not been Unicorns and Rainbows everyday but I will continue to stay patient and trust the journey I am on.

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