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Bestimonial: Lisa L.

I Gained a New Perspective on Fitness

I met Toni at a very emotional point of my life, the day my boyfriend deployed to Kuwait. I knew right away that she would have a positive impact on my life. She has been an amazing trainer. She is positive, focused and driven to bring out the best in people. I’ve been her client for a year. I am stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been. I’m 52 years old and in better shape than I was after basic training for the Army at 21.

Toni has helped me to get leaner and stronger than I thought I could, at any age. Her witty, no nonsense, down to earth personality has made sweating at 6:30am fun. Toni determined quickly what my strengths and weaknesses were both physically and mentally. She helps you build on your strengths. She has a way of incorporating moves and techniques to help build on the areas that need extra focus making the process simple. I’ve learned a lot about different options for the equipment at Best Fitness. Working out with her is more than bench presses and bicep curls.

Toni has made it all seem so obtainable. Whether she’s pushing me to finish the reps of heavier weights or trying new moves she is right there to encourage me and make sure my form is correct. I have learned how the slightest adjustment to your position can make all the difference.

With Toni’s help and guidance I lost 25 pounds and gained a new perspective on fitness and being in the gym. I’m more comfortable walking into the gym and lifting weights on my own. I have enjoyed working with Toni for the last year and would recommend her to anyone.

I am not sure what the ten month deployment would have been like without her, but seeing my boyfriend’s face after all the tough sessions with Toni was worth everything!

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