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Bestimonial: Deborah Z.

My Kind of Gym

I joined Best Fitness after 2 weeks of trying the free trial membership in June 2017. From the start, the staff took the time to listen to my needs, concerns, and primary goals for maintaining fitness while I was in New Hampshire. No high pressure sales, genuine helpfulness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the various cardio and strength training equipment, as well as the large space the gym offered. It is very well laid out, with excellent special classroom setups for classes, including spin classes. As an avid “spinner”, I was hoping to continue my primary exercise 5 days a week. I took advantage of the free training special soon after joining, which changed my ultimate goals and gave me the opportunity to build greater strength and endurance skills that I never thought possible to achieve at the age of 64; especially since less than 2 years ago I endured stage 4 throat cancer, leaving me weak in my upper body, with limited flexibility in my knees and legs.

Brian listened to my goals, not of losing weight or inches, but of gaining strength, flexibility, and mobility. I requested Ben as my personal trainer after taking a few Bfitt60 classes with him. His smile and “can do” attitude helped me look forward to creative workout sessions with the TRX. He proved to be more than I could hope for in a strength/endurance trainer these summer months. After 3 knee surgeries, I can now bend my knee to near impossible angles. Thank you Ben! I will miss you and I will take your training tips with me.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my experience at Best Fitness, however, was the boxing classes with Bill. These classes and Bill challenged my focus, strength, and endurance beyond my expectations! Bill is not only the most motivating trainer I have ever worked with, but the most professional. Thank you Bill, and if I could, I would pack you in my suitcase and bring you to Florida.

I am stronger, healthier, more flexible, and able to row, cycle, walk, and hike! I am in the best shape I have been in 20 years! Thank you Best Fitness for being my kind of gym!

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