Rima C.

A Life Changing Experience!

In October of 2014 I had a serious injury. I shattered my knee and currently have a bar attaching my leg together. I couldn’t bear any weight on my knee for three months. It is amazing how quickly your body can deteriorate from lack of activity. The doctor referred me to physical therapy after two months. The progress was disheartening and the rest of my body was paying a toll. After four months I went from a walker to a crutch and was finally able to go back to work. I had a full leg brace for around nine months.

I was determined not to let this change my lifestyle, although I would not be able to run again. My body was quickly changing. Physical Therapy is great except they only treat the part that is injured so other parts of your body begin to hurt. It is crazy how your body will compensate for your injured area. I refused to accept this unhealthy change in my body. I called Best Fitness and met my trainer, ToniAnn Werner.

I am scheduled with Toni three days a week. It has been a little over a year now and the change is wonderful. Toni’s patience with me has been a blessing. She has worked around my injury very creatively. There have been many times I just chuckled thinking I cannot do that but I always try to find out I can thanks to Toni’s push. I have to keep in mind that she will not ask me to do something I cannot do. In the beginning Toni wanted to see my x-ray and actually did some research. I might not be able to run any more but I can walk without looking like I have an injury. My muscle tone is beginning to come back all over. Also the best part is I feel stronger every week.

Working with Toni has been a great, life changing experience!

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