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Bestimonial: Melissa R.

A Beautiful Bride

Starting personal training at Best Fitness was the best thing I have done for myself in years. Getting Nancy assigned as my trainer was a stroke of luck that I am exceedingly grateful for anytime I do something physical now.

When I came to join the gym in March of 2011 I knew I wanted to lose weight to look better, and that I had reached a point where I had to stop the pattern of slowly gaining that I was following. I was also planning a wedding for June 2012, and I wanted to look my best – not stick skinny, but healthy and strong, and, yes, slender. I had stepped on my home scale in January of 2011 and seen a number that scared me – 182 lbs. At 5’6″, that is a lot for a woman, though I wasn’t obese yet. I spent two months trying on my own, and not getting very far. My first day in the gym at the beginning of March I was still 177, and felt like it would be impossible to get the scale to move.

Then, I was set up with Nancy, who worked with me to figure out my exact goals: 140 pounds, increased strength and fitness, lower body fat percentage, and then she also discussed my obstacles, some joint problems, things like that. Then we got to work,and Nancy put me to work. She first focused on exercises to strengthen my weak spots so that she could really start to work me out, and then the weight started to melt off. By July, so much was gone that people could tell, and by August I was so happy with the way I looked I was in a real bikini for the first time in 5 years (no more tankinis for me!). I ordered my wedding dress that month, too and didn’t shed a tear over trying on the last few I was deciding between, the way trying on the samples had made me feel so rotten before.

By September 1st, I was my goal size, with only a few pounds to go. And those fell right off too. I’ve kept them off since, very easily, with my sessions with Nancy. My body fat percentage is down 11%. I can run up flights of stairs without getting winded, lift more weight (and I know how to do it right, so I won’t hurt myself!). Now I am setting new goals to work on with my fantastic trainer, specific areas to work on more (got to tone those abs and arms!) and maintaining my progress, and I’ve lost more weight than I originally set as my goal, because my goal was set conservatively by me, thinking I wouldn’t even reach that (136 pounds, thank you very much!).

I recommend taking advantage of the personal training options at Best Fitness. Even once a week was enough to help me reach all my goals. No matter how crazy my life got, on the weeks here or there when the only day I made it in was to see Nancy for my session, I still made that, it was a commitment, and I was keeping that promise to myself. Besides, Nancy makes it fun, and different. She always mixes it up, so it is never the same workout twice, though she keeps enough familiarity so that you aren’t confused for what to do, and she gets creative, and cares about you. It’s a more personalized feeling than you get working out with a class, not to mention a more personalized workout.

The interest Nancy takes in her clients makes her a phenomenal trainer, when she found out I was doing this for my wedding and beyond she also added in some exercises to help with my posture, and when I told her my dress was strapless, she also showed me some shoulder exercises so that my posture and shoulders will look amazing in my dress to complement my new physique. And, the exercises she did with me in the beginning to strengthen my knee (the ligaments and muscles supporting my knees) mean I will be able to comfortably dance all night at my wedding! I owe her so much, and I will continue to train with her, long after my wedding. This is about more than that now, it is about my whole life, and my health, and keeping fit so that I can enjoy it all for as long as possible. Nancy is also the reason I’ve realized that.

** Results may vary from person to person.

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