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Bestimonial: Julie F.

Personal Training Leads to Great Results!

I originally joined the Best Fitness in Nashua back in May 2014. I was previously a member at Planet Fitness and wanted to take my fitness knowledge to the next level and have more equipment. I would always drive by the Best Fitness in Nashua, it was only 2 miles from my house, but I never stopped in to check it out.

I remember the day I had just gotten home for college summer break and the first thing on my agenda was to join a gym and continue to do the cardio I was doing at the university gym, I didn’t want to fall off and was seeing some results. Instead of driving to Planet Fitness I decided to go to Best Fitness in Nashua and check it out. I remember the Fitness Counselor, his name was Dave, he sat me down and asked me about my goal and when I wanted to achieve them by. He showed me around the gym and the moment we walked down the hallway and the gym opened up I was sold. I had no idea how big the gym was and had no idea that it wrapped around the back of Boston Billiards. The gym was enormous and there was so much variety in the equipment! I was pumped!

I did my fitness consultation with the Fitness Director, his name was Mike, and I learned a lot! Unfortunately, at that time I was a junior college student struggling with money and I could not afford a personal trainer. I knew I needed one. The staff there was kind enough to do a couple free 30 minute sessions with me. I remember boxing with Bill, he knew I couldn’t afford to train with him, but he was still willing to put me through a few free workouts. What I learned in a few of the free sessions and my consultation I tried to carry over to my workouts but as time went on I forgot a majority of what they taught me. I had learned that I needed to incorporate strength training into my everyday workouts, not just cardio, to achieve my weight loss goal.

Some time passed and I graduated college and ran into some graduation money. I had saved up over $1,000 and I knew what I wanted to do with all my money. I did another consultation with Brian Hunt and that’s when I was paired with my Trainer Ben Glassman. I trained for 6 months with Ben twice a week for 30 minutes. I saw some great results and got down to 180lbs and my goal was to get down to 175lbs.

When my 6 month agreement was up I thought that I had enough knowledge to take a break and workout on my own. A few months passed and I realized that having a trainer helped motivate me to go to the gym and it was nice to have someone there to critique my form and make sure I wasn’t re-injuring my back. I tried switching up trainers and did another 6 month agreement with the trainer Easton. It was cool to see the difference in training styles and I learned a lot from him.

I took another break and went back to training with Ben. I took another break for financial reasons and then this past summer I picked back up with training with Ben again twice a week, once for 30 minutes and once for an hour. I can’t explain how much knowledge from day one to now I have learned from the Best Fitness Staff and Training Department.

I went from going to the gym, running a mile or two one the treadmill, doing push ups, doing some sit ups and calling it a day to now focusing on different muscle groups each workout and incorporating strength training, conditioning, and cardio into my weekly routines. I am the strongest I have ever been physical and mentally and I can’t thank the staff enough for all their hard work! I now workout at the Chelmsford and Drum Hill locations and I plan to work with a trainer in the future at one of the clubs. Excited to learn more and keep getting results at the Best Club!

** Results may vary from person to person.

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