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Bestimonial: Kathleen

I’ve Made Great Strides

Before I joined Best Fitness, I was bored with my routine at the smelly gym I belonged to. What motivated me to join Best Fitness was a challenge to lose weight and win money. Wow, I thought wouldn’t that be nice.

I joined Best Fitness in January 2016 on a Saturday morning. By Monday afternoon I met my personal trainer Billy Lyons. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I wanted to keep it a secret from my kids as they were away in college. I wanted to surprise them when they came home. However, after a few weeks I was so excited that I could squat and stand up without hanging onto furniture. I was moving again after being sidelined with a broken ankle.

Through Billy’s patience and encouragement I have made some great strides. I can walk miles instead of blocks, I am the strongest I have ever been. Billy has been extending my comfort zone. I am doing things I would never have imagined doing at the other gym like dead lifts and squats. What I like best about Best Fitness is the diversity an all the great friends I have met. Thanks to Billy, we never have a boring workout. Every time we do something different and challenging.Billy has helped me in so many ways. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, I know I will reach my goal and lead a healthier life.

Thanks to all the trainers for their kindness towards me. Thanks to my mother who always wants to know how “murder at dawn” is going. Thanks to my kids for putting up with listening to my daily workout. Thanks Best Fitness, the only regret I have is not joining sooner.

** Results may vary from person to person.

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