New Fitness Center in Danvers to Open Early July

New location aims to introduce North Shore patrons to its five-studio concept.

Ready to join a gym, but hesitant to shell out the cost of a membership in addition to the cost of a specialized class, like spinning or hot yoga?

At Best Fitness, you get the best of both worlds, according to CEO David Dos Santos. The company’s $3 million investment in its new Danvers location aims to introduce North Shore patrons to its new five-studio concept, in which patrons can take a barre or Zumba class, try hot yoga, and lift weights or run on a treadmill — all under one roof.

The new fitness center, located in the Liberty Tree Mall next to Best Buy, plans to open to members as early as the first week of July.

Traditional gyms, Dos Santos said, typically have the space to offer one or two classes at a time. Even still, if people want to take a specialized class — such as spinning or hot yoga — in addition to their traditional gym workout, they often have to find a separate studio that offers those types of activities.

“It’s an obscene amount of money,” he said. “Why can’t it all be in one place?”

In addition to a Pure Hot Yoga studio, Lift Barre studio, and SpinLyfe cycling studio, a number of group exercise classes will be offered. Access to these brand-name classes are included in the gym’s membership costs.

The new center also includes a studio for Best Fitness’ B f.i.t.t.:60, which stands for frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise. The same group training program is currently offered at a standalone B f.i.t.t.:60 studio in Billerica. The center offers a fitness zone for kids, as well.

At Best Fitness, because of the five-studio layout, multiple classes can be held at the same time — a concept developed and first executed almost two years ago at a Best Fitness studio in New York City.

“We can offer so many more choices,” he said. “If you want more, it’s here. You don’t need to go anywhere else.”

Currently, membership plans range $19.99 per month to $29.00 per month, but will likely increase in the near future.

In addition to its new Danvers location, the company has fitness centers in Chelmsford, Drum Hill, Springfield and Lowell, as well as in Albany, N.Y., and Nashua, N.H.

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