Breast Cancer Survivor Story – Lisa B

Lisa lives for teaching Group X, but the demands of a full time job and raising children took priority. So after a long sabbatical away from teaching, Lisa was thrilled when Best Fitness introduced Les Mills Bodypump to their Nashua location, and she immediately applied as an instructor. In the spring of 2011, she completed her training and was ready to launch the Les Mills program in June at Best Fitness. “I had never felt so strong in my life,” said Lisa, “and I was so grateful to be back in front of the room teaching classes that I love.”

In December, Lisa went in for her annual physical and routine mammogram. The mammogram showed something that had not been there previously. Lisa was diagnosed with clinical stage 2 breast cancer, and in January she began chemotherapy, followed by surgery and then radiation. By August 2012, Lisa had completed all of her treatment and was downgraded to stage 1 after her surgery. She was beginning to feel stronger every day.

“It has been 6 years, and I am diligent about maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly (I teach 5 classes a week), and going for my preventative screenings. I am blessed to have an incredible support system through my family, my Best Fitness family, my friends, and the incredible team at Mass General.”

And she has some pretty powerful advice for someone who may also be battling breast cancer:

“Just move. I have witnessed others fighting, and those who keep moving are the ones who tolerate and respond the best to treatment. The treatment is harsh, but keeping your body strong is important. Whatever it is you enjoy doing for exercise, stay with it. You can always slow your pace or reduce the time you exercise. A little is better than none.”

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