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Bestimonial: Erin C.

B L.E.A.N and Personal Training Testimonial

I started my Best Fitness membership in 2017 at the first B-Fitt60 studio in Billerica. I didn’t realize that when I joined that not only did I sign up for amazing classes with the best trainer around but also became friendly with several others who shared the same fitness passions! The classes helped me get into shape to participate in my first ever Spartan Race and by doing that I also got into the best shape I had been in a really long time! During the pandemic, I decided to take my fitness journey to my at-home gym but this year after having my first baby I decided to get back to the gym.

I started training with Leah in April 2022 which I was really excited about because Leah always pushed me in the B-Fitt60 classes and I knew she would be able to whip me back into shape! Leah encouraged me to participate in the 6-week B L.E.A.N challenge in October and I am so glad I did because I had amazing results!

It was my first ever nutrition challenge, and also the first challenge that I ever fully completed! I probably would have gone with my old habits of giving up if it wasn’t for Leah’s encouragement and amazing training and for Lisa and Rob’s support and guidance through the B L.E.A.N challenge! I loss some weight and inches overall but gained a significant amount of nutrition knowledge that I am able to use to continue on my fitness journey!

I’ve been a member of other gyms, but truthfully, there is nothing like the Best Fitness team!

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