Member Testimonial: Lauren P.

Health & Wellness Goals Achieved at Best Fitness!

Lauren Page is an amazing example of how applying education and consistency one step at a time can change your life for the better!

Lauren was completely new to the gym scene, and now she’s a pro! We began slowly, as she would only come in for our appointments. One day at a time, we would grow her confidence and comfort zone. This would open up new avenues for growth and potential.

Once that was solid we began to implement nutritional changes to snowball her new exercise habits. As she made progress, Lauren found that these changes impacted many aspects of her life beyond the gym.

When she started training here at Best Fitness, Lauren felt unable to control her own life. Now, nearly a year later, she has lost weight and inches all around! Lauren also has a new job where she is thriving. She no longer needs her heart or stomach medication, sleeps great without taking melatonin, and is off her antidepressant as well.

Her past and negative experiences no longer hold any power over her, and she is living life the way she wants!


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