Jill G.

Personal Training and B L.E.A.N. Testimonial

I have worked out and have been mindful of my nutrition all of my adult life. I’ve seen results in weight loss, strength and overall well-being off and on but have always felt like I was in a vicious cycle. I was tired of working out tirelessly and eating what I thought was nutritious and not seeing the results I wanted. I decided to hire professionals to help me.

I signed up for personal training with Leah and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done to see fitness results. When I was strength training on my own, I was following random workouts that I would find and was not seeing results. Leah taught me about programming and sticking with the same routine for weeks at a time until you see results. From there, moving on to the next program in order to see even more results. The consistent and repetitive routines helped me to see results very early on which motivated me to keep going. I no longer spend hours on non-routine strength training and hours of cardio. I simply stick to her programs and fit in a few hours of cardio throughout the week. I feel great and am happy with my progress. At this point, I don’t know what I would do without her!

On the nutrition front, I signed up for a BLEAN Challenge as well as 1:1 sessions with Lisa. What I quickly realized after my initial consult was that I, in fact, wasn’t eating enough to fuel my body properly for my workouts or to get my metabolism in line. The BLEAN Challenge helped motivate me to stay focused at the start and I learned a lot from the group chat. But the 1:1 sessions with Lisa are what really made the difference. Her vast knowledge about all the variables that can impact fat loss and well-being is priceless! She consults with me on a weekly basis about my nutrition for the week, my sleep, my stress levels, my workouts, hormones and much, much more. I feel so well informed about how all of these things work together and help me progress towards my goals. I also don’t know what I would do without Lisa’s weekly consultation.

I highly recommend the combination of both professional personal training and professional nutrition counseling in order to become properly aware and educated so that you can achieve your goals. Of course, Leah and Lisa are at the top of my list of who to engage with!

** Results may vary from person to person.


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