We are so proud of of our members for every step and every milestone reached, no matter how big or small. We help our members set their fitness goals, and we will do everything we can to motivate and encourage them reach those goals. They work hard inside and outside the gym, and we are thrilled to share their victories!

Bonnie Casperson LOWELL, MA

I joined Best Fitness Lowell in April 2017. I weighed in at 147 pounds standing at only 5 feet tall. My self esteem was low, I was always tired and I was angry with myself for letting my weight spiral out of control. Jamielee Ayala officially became my personal trainer in November 2017 and THAT’S when I began to see results. Flash forward to October 2018 and I am 26 pounds lighter tilting the scales at a healthy 121 pounds. Not only am I at a healthy weight for the first time in years but my BMI is also in the normal range and most importantly, I FEEL great and I can honestly say I am happy with who I am once again. I owe it all to Jamielee. I didn’t know it then, but I needed someone like her to push me and motivate me to work harder than I had ever worked before in the gym. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge when it came to fitness and nutrition. I have learned so much from Jamielee and I am thankful she became my trainer. Not only is she an excellent trainer but she has a good heart and is sweet and kind…which makes it hard to be annoyed with her during her tough workouts! She has always had my best interest in mind and knows how hard she can push me and truly knows my limits better than I do! When I think I can’t take on a difficult training session, she proves me wrong time and again. Jamielee saved me from continuing down an unhealthy path of weight gain, fad diets, and low self confidence. I wouldn’t trade her nor all the sweat, kettlebell bruises or sore muscles for anything! THANK YOU, JAMIELEE! smile

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