Black Friday 2020
Add a friend or family member on for 50% off

This deal has expired!

If you’re still interested in referring a member to Best Fitness, have no fear! You can refer friends and family right through your Best Fitness mobile app. Log into your app and click on “Refer a Friend” found at the bottom of the home screen.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday add on a friend or family member for 50% off monthly membership dues!

Investing in health and fitness has never been more important than now.

This offer’s valid on all membership plans, now with access to tons of digital options for our members who want to stay fit from home or on-the-go!

Our live-stream classes are more popular than ever and we’ve added a Virtual Coaching App to all our membership plans at no cost! Take an on-demand, full-length class, start a 4-week, at-home training program or a transformation program for working out inside the club all from your smartphone or tablet.

There’s never been a time more convenient or easy to help your friends & family achieve their fitness goals!

What are you waiting for?

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Offer - Family Add-On BF2020