Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019


What is there not to say about Best Fitness. We all do our research about gyms i.e. locations, fee per month, flexibility, availabilities etc, etc. However, its not just the standard things you look in for at a gym, you look for motivation, personal growth, and goals. I stumbled upon Best Fitness as it was the only gym near my work. I popped in March 2012 and never left. 5 years later I am still an avid goer. The staff becomes your family and even friends. All staff are personable and seek out to ensure that whatever issues you have or concerns, they are addressed and resolved. I voiced those concerns and signed up for Personal Training. I had goals in mind and even when life throws curve balls at you (2 accidents within 2 months), personal trainers will do everything to ensure you meet those goals.

Which brings me to my trainer Dillon. I had set ways and routines in mind. Ever since that first meeting with Dillon, I told him what I wanted out of our sessions and how I want to see results no B.S. Well lets just say I feel like the B.S’er and cuz he puts me through my limits. Dillon will work with you and will ensure what you want out of your sessions are achieved. I have met and talk to the other trainers and I wish B.F. brings on more trainers like Dillon; who listens, understands, motivates and is results driven. Thank you B.F. and Dillon for achieving and continuing to achieve my goals.