Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019

Hillary DiBiase

I walked into Best Fitness in Albany in December of 2015, and I signed up for personal training with Billy. Before that, I couldn’t stick with any workout plan I had started, I tried different meal plans, and nothing worked for me. I was the heaviest I ever was in my life at that point and I felt like it was impossible to get back in shape. When I first started working out I would still find excuses to not go to the gym in between my busy work schedule, but Billy never ever gave up on me and kept me motivated to get in. I run my own business which can be very busy at times, but he’s always flexible and works with my constant changing schedule. I’ve never been happier with myself than I am since I’ve been training with him, and I actually look forward to going into the gym and sticking to my workout plan that he has for me (which I never thought I would say.) It’s an awesome atmosphere, I love all of the staff members there, everyone makes you feel so comfortable which I never felt at a gym before. Best Fitness has definitely changed my life for the better and I can’t thank Billy enough for the daily push and motivation!