Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019

Cheryl Velope

After 30+ yrs of sitting at a desk most of the day, I needed guidance when I began my membership at Best FItness. I’m an older client who needed help regaining strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. I asked for a female trainer and was so fortunate that Toni Werner had an opening.

Toni was extremely through upon our first meeting; she asked me about my daily eating habits, past physical abilities, and any health issues I may have, and then we got to work! Toni began my workouts, testing my strengths and weaknesses without judgement, and then tweaking different segments as i progressed. She is always encouraging and provides support when i doubt my own abilities.

I LOVE going to my training sessions with Toni! I am greeted with a smile and “Ready?!” Toni’s positive and energetic attitude gives me the confidence and determination to grow in strength and health, physically and mentally.