Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019

Ariana Curtis

I joined Best Fitness with zero goals and zero expectations. It’s a road I’ve been down before and my intentions were to hide in a far corner of the facility on a treadmill and hope for the best. As someone who generally hates attention and gets uncomfortable in groups, (especially in this type of environment) I decided to completely step out of my comfort zone and give the Bfitt60 group training a shot.

I do Bfitt60 with Ryan at least three days a week and his lighthearted banter is a reminder that I never need to feel uncomfortable here and that I don’t always have to take myself so seriously. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing “light” about the work he makes me do. Ryan is in tune with what I’m capable of and has pushed me beyond limits I thought were possible for myself.

I may not always be as confident in my progress as I should be, but I am confident that Ryan and the rest of the fantastic staff at Best Fitness will get me there!