Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019


Ryan is my champion! Always encouraging and knowing that when he adds that extra weight I can do it. I have even started asking for more weight!! I am strong and fit since training with Ryan. I went from a size 10 (almost 12) to a size 4! Then Bfitt60 began and I improved my stamina and ran my first Spartan Race finishing in the top 1/3 for my age group, strong and fit! Ryan runs a Bfitt60 group; he is awesome and he is attentive to everyone! You will hear your name called; there will be no slacking in this group, you know he is watching and encouraging the best out of you. He knows you can do more than you think you can. For first timers, he explains each exercise and makes sure they are included.

I would definitely recommend Ryan for training but you can’t have my time slot because I am not giving it up!!