Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019


I hired Toni as my trainer back in November of 2016. At the time, I was depressed, anxious, full of self-loathing, suffering from kidney and heart conditions – and in denial about it all. I finally gave in and went to Best Fitness to hire a trainer because my husband put his foot down and laid out the truth…that our marriage was suffering because I was not happy in my own skin. Toni was my last chance to lose the weight – both physical and emotional – that I had been carrying around with me for a decade. Toni has helped me learn how to love myself again. I work with her once a week for 30 minutes. She has given me expectations on how often I should be in the gym in order to achieve my goals without putting me on such a strict schedule that I can’t make it work with my busy, ICU nurse lifestyle. She is always available to me outside of the gym if I have questions with technique or nutrition. She was able to educate me on nutritional requirements in order to reach my goals, gave me tools to keep track of what I was eating, and held me accountable for what I wasn’t doing. I started my journey pushing 152 lbs. In less than a year, I have slowly and safely lost 10 lbs.