Best Fitness News

Mar 29,2019

Amy Cunniff-Bleau

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, but was finally motivated to change when I was at a low point both emotionally and physically. I had been recently widowed and being a single parent to two little boys, one of whom is physically disabled, it was the wake up call I needed. I hurt my back while transferring my son from his wheelchair to his bed, and two days later I joined Best Fitness. I knew that the craziness and busyness of my life would make it hard to commit, so I signed up for personal training to keep me accountable. My immediate goal was to strengthen my back and muscles so I could care for my son and I was hoping the weight loss would follow.

I started training with Rob, but when he moved to a different location I began working with Kory and I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel. I still struggle with my food at times, but since training I’ve dropped 2 pant sizes, lost 20 pounds, and have grown so much stronger. I’ve learned so much from Kory including body mechanics, nutrition and good exercise and eating habits. I used to think the scale was a measure of my success but when Kory ups the weights I use, I see that as a huge accomplishment!

One unexpected benefit of working with Kory has been that I’ve grown to appreciate and even like exercising. My overall health has changed drastically. I fight to protect my gym time, and know that going to work out will make my day better and burn off my stress. I’m so grateful I joined Best Fitness and look forward to my training sessions with Kory. He is a supportive, encouraging trainer and I know that he has listened to my goals and is helping me reach them.”