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Alex DaSilva
Mar 29,2019

Alex DaSilva

My name is Alex Dasilva and I just wanted to say thank you to Best Fitness Lowell and the BFITT program for helping me change my body and my life! I have lost over 50 pounds doing the program!

I have been doing Bfitt60 at the Lowell location for about eight months now and it is amazing. I used to come to the gym and just float around to the different machines not really knowing what I was doing and not getting any results. After joining Bfitt60 in Lowell I am now doing things with my body at age 48 that I couldn’t do when I was 30. I love the fast paced workouts and it’s so impressive how my Bfitt60 coach Mike can adjust the workouts so people of all fitness levels can enjoy the class. Another awesome part of the Bfitt60 program in Lowell is the great community. There are people in the classes of all different ages and from different cultures. When the class starts everyone is cheering each other on holding each other accountable.

Thank you Best Fitness Lowell!